The Ten Affirmations

  1. The Godness is everything. Everything is the Godness. We live in a sacred world.
  2. My intentions are a personal manifestation of the Godness’ intentions.
  3. The Godness is within me. I can have a friendly and intimate relationship with the Godness. I look forward to an unobstructed communication with the Godness.
  4. The Godness provides me with everything I need at precisely the right time. Everything that I have received has been perfectly timed and presented.
  5. Lack and want are illusions. I have unlimited resources at my disposal here and now. The universe is my ally. The more I open up and give, the more I will receive.
  6. As we sow so we reap and as we reap we have sown. Every experience, however tough, is a particular dealing of the universe with my soul for the sake of my religious and spiritual evolution.
  7. We were never born and we will never die. We are immortal souls that the Godness created in Its image and likeness. We are living goddies. We are the greatest business in the universe.
  8. My heart’s desire is a divine gift and promise. Nothing and nobody can stop me to realize it. Success is inevitable. I will creatively fulfill my heart’s desire.
  9. Religion and spirituality is natural. It’s fun. It makes me happy.
  10. We exist in many realities at the same time. Slowly but inevitably, I become aware of the vastness of my being and other realities.
  11. The universe is sacred ground. My body is a sacred vehicle. People’s happy ending is inevitable. Nobody will be left behind.