Science And Religion

19. October 2017 Thoughts 0

There is a way to resolve the feud between faith and knowledge or religion and natural science.

Religion and natural science compare like apple and banana.

Genesis 1 in a nutshell: Elohim separated the heavens and the earth. At that time, earth was liquid and formless. Elohim inserted a firmament into the liquid earth and dried up the water under the firmament to produce dry ground.

The dry ground signifies the physical universe. The heavens, the liquid earth, and the firmament are non-physical realities, other universes that is. This interpretation gives religion what is religion’s and science what is science’s.

Science is much better equipped to describe physical existence and make use of these descriptions. Religion, on the other hand, marks out intangible realms and states of mind that science will never be able, nor desire to understand.

These intangibles are vital for human existence. What are we without love, happiness, beauty, and meaning? Just fogs of atoms or bags of water.

It is impossible to rationally grasp these intangible human qualities, nor prove them scientifically. But they rule human existence nevertheless.

Anyways, does it really matter whether planet earth was formed in six planetary days or a Billion years? It doesn’t change a thing about who and what we are. And it doesn’t change a thing about the creator either.

Religious fundamentalists and materialistic scientists quarrel over nothing at best, and try to prove the non-existence of heavenly apples or earthy bananas.

Let’s leave them to it and imagine a context that can embrace faith and knowledge, science and religion. How does the omniverse look like? That sounds like a worthy quest. Let’s conclude with Albert Einstein: Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind.

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