Nu Church Guidelines

God created each one of us for a specific purpose. And God obviously likes splendor in personality and faith. But every community needs guidelines. Don’t think of guidelines as rules, rather necessities. We can’t play basketball without a net, can we?

These guidelines are something the creators of this website came up with. Anybody can suggest changes to the guidelines and put them up for a poll.

Liberty in Faith

Nu Church is not limited to a religion. For the time being it leans towards Christianity for the simple reason that the founder of this site are Christians. Nu Church welcomes everybody, whatever the social status, belief, religion, race, or sexual orientation.


Respect and appreciate the splendor of human personalities. Everybody can contribute something unique to Nu Church and the planet. There are visionary and adventurous prophets, intuitive recipients of God’s guidance, intellectual researchers of God’s Science, motherly guardians of the community and its tradition, fatherly mentors, detail-oriented executives, persons with an undeviating sense for judgment, spiritual warriors who defend the truth and good cause at any cost, idealists that aim for the greatest objective thinkable, practitioners who rejuvenate the community with their sense of humor, meditating contemplators, and mystics who approach God through love and devotion. Don’t argue, respect and complement each other!

Assemble a Little Nu Church

The purpose of this site is to connect globally. You should meet in person. What is a church? A community that celebrates and promotes prophecy and enlightenment. Wherever at least two persons are gathered, a community is established.


Get together as often as you like, but at least once a week.  Every time you meet, one group member should organize the get-together. Everybody needs to take a turn in organizing a get-together and no member should organize again before all others took a turn. The minimum age for an organizer is thirteen years. The organizer shall choose the location of the get-together. It can be anywhere, in a church, in a temple, a private house, a public house, a garden, or out in nature.

Guidelines for the Get-Together

Don’t eat two hours before a get-together, but drink anytime.

Exercise the evolution of consciousness: The organizer shall choose one or more exercises that aim at increasing awareness and evolving consciousness, like meditation, imagination practices, concentration exercise, etc.

Evolve the body: The organizer shall choose one or more group exercises that aim at the vitalization and purification of the physical body, like Yoga, Chi Gong, Tai Chi, Tensegrity, etc. No work-outs – that’s homework. 😉

Understanding the Godness: The organizer shall create a text, read someone else’s text, or present another media that may increase the understanding of the Godness.

Remind yourself of the true identity of mankind: The organizer shall create a text, read someone else’s text, or present another media that may increase the understanding of the oneness mankind. Recite something like this: There is only One Human and He-she is the Living God. The Living God lives in the heart of every person. The Living God is every person’s True Identity. It was never born and it will never die. As sons and daughters of the One Human, we are of divine descent and will live our lives socially, truthfully, and honorably.

Understanding Adversity: The organizer shall create a text, read someone else’s text, or present another media that may increase the understanding of adversity as a blessing in disguise. The organizer may also discuss events of his or her own life or that of others – given their prior consent. If desired, a member may liberate himself or herself during a get-together of a mental liability, like a negative memory, a trauma, or a daunting adversity. Recite something like this: All my failures are but the missing the mark of perfection and an opportunity to understand and learn. Every experience is a particular dealing of God with my soul. I will learn and never stop aiming. The only failure is the failure to try. My long term success is inevitable.

Promote the Alliance of Mankind: The organizer shall create a text, read someone else’s text, or present another media that shows or explains people’s peaceful alliance on Planet Earth.

Liberate yourselves: Members may donate an unnecessary possession, however small. Give those donations to charity. No money nor monetary equivalents shall be donated.

Freestyle: The organizer may take some time for anything he or she sees fit, given the context of Nu Church. After the freestyle session, have a party. Promote love, beauty, happiness, and the meaning of life!


  1. No clergy. Everybody takes a turn in being the priest.
  2. Don’t tell others what they should do. Don’t make decisions for another people. Give them only advice that helps them to find the best decision for themselves.
  3. No censorship. Wait, let’s exclude porn and violence.
  4. No dogmas. No set of scriptures, texts, thesis, truths, or any other media shall be declared as holy, mandatory, or exclusive. Truth is relative. Strive to be of value.
  5. No money. A Nu Church community shall not own, hold, maintain, or transfer money or monetary equivalents – neither real nor virtual. If you want to build something, e.g., a temple, members may donate material or pay for construction services.
  6. No scare-tactics. Concepts of the devil, hell, sin, punishment, or revenge shall not be maintained or promoted. God is good, we are divine souls, and we walk on sacred ground. As persons we fail, alright, but we fail only to learn.
  7. No praying to an external god or God. Listen to the God’s voice within.