Effective Praying

13. October 2017 Thoughts 0

You don’t need to tell God anything, He already knows and more.

You don’t need to ask God for anything since He answered before you asked.

Cutting edge praying means listening. Listen to what God, His advice, His warnings, and His comfort.

We have a strong need to talk and that is alright, but that is not praying.

God is inside you, and so is Heaven. Reach into your heart and find your immortal soul. Reach deeper, into your soul, and you find God. Then listen.

How to tell God’s voice from the voices? God never flatters, His voice is calm, and He never tells you what you should do. Instead,  He reveals principles that help you to achieve your goals. His ways are always compassionate and He has an exquisite sense of humor. Calm your mind, still your senses and you will hear the still, small voice within.

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