Christianity Today – Without Customs

Let’s face it, Christianity has seen better times.

Do people stick with old-school Christianity because they don’t have better options? Wouldn’t it be great if Christianity returned to glory? But maybe not its former glory. What about a new glory that can lighten up a modern world?

Customs die hard and a part of us dies with them, but that’s life. Life continuously evolves and waits for no one. The Godness set it up that way. The Godness perpetually pushes the cosmic envelope. If people and society change – and they have done so very much in the past century – religion needs to change too. But only its customs, not its purpose.

Traditionally, religion is an interpretation of a sacred scripture. And since sacred scriptures are mystical, various interpretations are possible. That’s why there are hundreds of Christian denominations out there. In fact, there are not two Christians on this planet who agree one-hundred percent. Old-school Christianity is a Medieval interpretation of the Bible. People who lived at that time thought and felt different. And they knew much less than we do. Every high schooler today knows more than the most educated Middle Age scholar.

Prophets wrote the Bible. These were men and women who saw God face to face and witnessed higher states of consciousness and being. Religion should aid people towards becoming prophets themselves. But that’s not what old school religion does, the opposite in fact. Priest’s prime agenda is soul work and morality, not prophecy or enlightenment. Nothing wrong with morality, but morality is not really religion.


True religion is conversation with God, everything else is (religious) custom.


When the ancient Roman-Greek culture imploded, the church took over morality and education. The church controlled culture. Maybe that was good at that time, but not so anymore. For example, we don’t need religion to keep laws. We have a government for that. We don’t need religion to educate people, we have science and schools for that. We don’t need soul work anymore, we have psychologists for that.

What is left when we peel off all those things that are not really religion? Enlightenment. And the promotion of human intangibles like happiness, love, meaningfulness, and beauty. Yes, religion should be beautiful, make people happy, and promote love and meaningfulness.

So what do you say?

Shall we give Christianity a new outfit, a fresh haircut, botox?

While we’re at it, let’s check it into a spiritual spa for a relaxing sauna session and a thorough skin scrubs?

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