The Journey

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Other Biblical words, which have lost their original agricultural meanings include; תורה (torah), which is usually translated as law, but literally means the journey, מצוה (mitzvah), usually translated as command, but literally means directions for the journey, צדיק (tsadiyq), usually translated righteous, but literally means traveling the path, and רשע (rasha), usually translated as wicked, but literally ...

Religion is Realization

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Religion is a means to realize our higher self or soul and establishing an uplink to the Godness. It’s realization in both meanings of the word: knowing our divine soul and allowing it to spread, through our personality, love, beauty, happiness, and meaningfulness.

Science And Religion

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There is a way to resolve the feud between faith and knowledge or religion and natural science. Religion and natural science compare like apple and banana. Genesis 1 in a nutshell: Elohim separated the heavens and the earth. At that time, earth was liquid and formless. Elohim inserted a firmament into the liquid earth and ...

The Godness

13. October 2017 Thoughts 2
Why the term Godness? Godness is the equivalent of the German word Gottheit. Traditionally, it is translated as Godhead, but that is not an accurate translation. The German ~heit denotes a principle or abstraction. The term Godness pays homage to the fact that God is a mystery – male and female, singular and plural. The term Godness can ...

Effective Praying

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You don’t need to tell God anything, He already knows and more. You don’t need to ask God for anything since He answered before you asked. Cutting edge praying means listening. Listen to what God, His advice, His warnings, and His comfort. We have a strong need to talk and that is alright, but that is not praying. ...

The Rebirth of Christianity

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Orthodox religion, as a whole, can be regarded as a cross upon which we have crucified Christ; it has served its purpose as the custodian of the ages and the preserver of ancient forms, but it must enter into new life and pass through the resurrection if it is to meet the need of the ...

Church is History or is it Not?

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This article is somewhat provocative and if you are a conservative church goer, you may not want to read it. If you do, mind that the provocation aims at the institution and not its people – a big difference. Christianity is withering fast. Will it, one day, turn into dust? The stats look bleak. According ...