What if people could build their own church?

What if people could vote to set and change guidelines?

What if a church could evolve?

What if everybody gets a turn at being the priest?

What if enlightenment comes first?

Nu Church

We are natural born prophets, immortal souls who spread beauty, happiness, meangingfulness, and love. And we remember the Godness, our Divine Parent.

And now we need to be modern prophets.

We need a trans-modern church, a community of prophets, not believers. Illumination first! How does a community of prophets look like?


Ten Truths*

  1. The Godness is everything and everything is the Godness. We walk on sacred ground.
  2. We are immortal souls that have a planetary experience.
  3. We are natural born prophets and convey love, beauty, happiness, and meaning to planetary life.
  4. Our intentions are personal manifestations of the Godness’ intentions.
  5. The Godness is within us and offers a friendly and intimate relationship.
  6. From within, the Godness guides us unfailingly, whether we know it or not.
  7. The universe is our ally. What goes around, comes around. Every experience is a particular dealing of the Godness with our soul for the sake of growth.
  8. Mankind is the greatest business in the universe.
  9. Our success is inevitable and nobody will be left behind.
  10. Religion is natural and fun.
  11. We exist in many realities at the same time. Slowly but inevitably, we become aware of the totality of our self and other realities.
  12. What we experience now is an adventure, a virtual reality our soul enjoys. Nothing can happen to us.

* Truths are relative to a context. These truths are relative to the context of Nu Church.


Religion is an attitude not literacy!